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Eggplant & Oysters?

Eggplants and Oysters...

© Theresa Lasichak 2016
Okay, truly, you could call this whatever you want. Personally, I had some wonderful
Habu Silk Mohair Tam in my stash.

I don’t think they manufacture this in sport weight any more(sad and so sorry).
I purchased it at Habu in New York City a few years ago. The most luscious eggplant
and oyster colors..I’ve been deciding what to do with the skeins I had for some
time...better to age while in a project than sitting in a bag,right?

Recently I needed a quick knit fix, and viola..
I came up with this,soft, warm,tweedy tam that is perfect for my cold morning runs.
If you like it as much as I do, then....
The pattern is free, as a Ravelry download here for personal use only. I still retain the rights, so if you make one,
please link to me either on Ravelry
Instagram @tdoeswool
I would LOVE to see yours.


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