~fait accompli ~

“Watching a complex stitch pattern grow as I knit
silences the voice in my head that tells me to sweep the floor.
I imagine dust bunnies are knitting themselves together under my chair.”

― Debbie Macomb, Summer on Blossom Street

And I have been silent...
have I not?

But my mind is swimming in voices.

Voices that say things must be completed.

Things must be done.
So I heed them....

the voices....

~fait accompli~
P.S. .....the dust bunnies have been cleaned...
and the specs of this project are posted to Ravelry... go take a peek.

promise to be back soon~



Zeta said…
Lovely! Get back soon...
Claudia said…
That is so adorable!!! Fits you beautifully too. I'm glad you will be back for the fall and holidays T :)

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