Monday, February 21, 2011

February frost

"February dawn --
frost on the path
Where I paced all winter."
Jack Kerouac (Book of Haikus)

I have paced,
on my path
this February...

amid the frost
and the snow...

and like a short Haiku
my February Frost ...
implies the season of the work...
just enough to keep me warm...
while I anticipate...
the arrival of the next season~

Thursday, February 3, 2011

my imperfect winter storm

This is how it started.
Without much warning,
the lines began to merge...
and the gray had gathered into
an energy of its own.
It began to grow very quickly...
and take on shape...
the rhythm was set...
and I continued..
round and round,
impressed by this imperfect winter storm.
I was caught up in the moment
knowing that a certain type of perfection
can only be realized through an accumulation of imperfection.
And like any perfect storm...
it ended...seemingly suddenly...
and what was left was a comfort...
a comfort that will encircle me..
and keep me warm..
through the gathering storms yet to be.