magnolia days~

"In our past lies our future.
By our own hands and decisions ...
Whatever you do,
put forth your best effort even if
all you're doing is chasing a never ending rainbow.
You might never reach the end of it,
but along the way you'll meet people
who will mean the world to you and
make memories that will keep you warm
on even the coldest nights"

— Sherrilyn Kenyon (Acheron)
A year has passed...
and therein lies our future...
decisions will be made...
and right or wrong..
we will grow,
hopefully and learn as the days push
forward in this band new year~
magnolia days have come and gone..
and will come again..

but until then..
we may feel like we are chasing
a never ending rainbow...

but then again..
the rainbow just may find us...
a rainbow of color..

something to keep us warm..
as we make memories.....
in the snow..
in the cold...
in the long winter days ahead..

I have met many beautiful people along the way... are all beautiful people...
and for one of them,
I have designed this Ear Warmer..
The Magnolia Ear Warmer for her beautiful
line of rainbow like handspuns
And I am offering the pattern to you all..
a gift for the New Year..
something to make by your own hands..
and something that will keep you warm..
on even the coldest night...
and hopefully you will dream of magnolias~
a wish for a beautiful 2011 to you all...

reaching out to you...
and asking a bit of forgiveness...
for my lengthy absence..
and hoping to visit you all soon~


Caroline said…
"You might never reach the end of it, but along the way you'll meet people who will mean the world to you and make memories that will keep you warm on even the coldest nights."

Oh my...I will tuck this away in my heart.

I miss you on flickr (but I don't miss flickr...oh boy...that's a story over coffee). Love your photos and the beauty that you bring into my life. Hope all is well!

the nest said…
happy new year! such a confection! and you, you are such a treat.
Ainhorn said…
I love your design and the wonderful yarn you have chosen...
Jane said…
Happy New Year T! I hope the holiday was a restful one for you. I off to get some of that yarn. Camilla is amazing and so are you! Thanks for the pattern!
ELK said…
chasing a rainbow ... that sounds just lovely and i believe your magnolia days are just so tender and true.. you have been missed
Your photos and words always make me swoony. I want to wrap myself in them as much as your dreamy knitted goodness. xo
britt said…
love the yarn! scrumcious! (i am sure that i didn't spell that right but you get my drift!)
It's very sweet and practical for a little girl.
I really love this.
Beautiful pattern!
The detail of the fuzzy inside to the beautiful!
Thank you so much for this lovlie!
I will be posting shortly on Magnolia!
Tara said…
I don't mind the wait at all when, at the end, there are beautiful words and pictures.
Neuroknitter said…
Happy New Year!!

Thank you, thank you for infusing this gray, rainy Pacific NW day with some spring!!

Beautiful pattern for scrumptious yarn!!
Linda said…
Oh that is so beautiful! Happy new year,
xx (aka loopfrogs)
So beautiful ~ and very useful too!

As a child everyday when we left home for school my mother would call out "DYB" Do your best - you can't do more and you shouldn't do less.

Your post reminded me of that. xxo
beth said…
my heart just fell in love with that yarn. pink isn't even my color, but oh how i love that yarn.
Frances said…
There are many, many uplifting a beautiful thoughts in this post, T.

Thank you so much, and best wishes to you for 2011. Each day of this year can bring so much to each of us
Char said…
i agree with beth - that yarn is stunning and i'm not a pink person either. but it is like the delicate petals of that dogwood blossom. stunning.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year T! These are beautiful shots and the yarn is absolutely gorgeous! Wait until I show you what I created with my Magnolia yarn...!
Bobbie Casey said…
This is so lovely! I really like the idea of it being lined with the fur.
I already have the yarn and so this is next on my list of things to do.
Your blog is so inspiring, as always. You obviously always do your best. I appreciate this!
lila Braga said…
A beautiful and inspiring poetic post...missed your post T!
have a fabulous new year.
Wish I could knit to make one of these beautiful gifts that you created...Who knows,maybe this year I can learn to knit?
Sarah said…
Oh life along the rainbow is beautiful isn't it? Just like this pretty thing - delightful. Happy New Year T
Sherman Unkefer said…
Happy New year and may it be filled with love and friendship and A R T..
Pauline said…
The colors are so soft and beautiful.
And what a fabulous yarn.
The words are also beautiful.
Hugs, Pauline
Renee said…
oh my... that is pretty yarn

Happy New Year, Theresa!
christina said…
... along the way. yes, i am remembering that most now.
hello, my dear friend.

ps: waving to camilla~
Sarah Gatzlaff said…
Lovely pattern!! Happy New Year to you!
YarnSnob said…
I was expecting a hat but this is even better, so pretty! I keep touching my monitor.
Such dreamy beautiful pictures :)
kim said…
What a sweet headband for a little princess. Your creativity amazes me.
Doreen Kilfeather said… always manage to find the words...and the images...that create the memories...that warm our hearts...even on the coldest of nights xx
nicole said…
A beautiful 2011 to you too, sweetie (you're off to a good start)
Anne Marie said…
Happy new year!

Beautiful photos, and love what you made with Camillas yarn. Looking forward to se what Lucy will make with it.
Nicole said…
She loves it 1 And so do I ; ) !!
Anonymous said…
hi t....i wanted to thank you for introducing me to this wonderful yarn....just got my order today...
so gorgeous...i just want to look at it for a while... thanks again...xo
Maureen said…
What a wonderful blog, dreamy, poetic and such lovely photo's.

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