Monday, December 6, 2010

the things about friendship~

"One of the strange things about friendship
is that time together isn't canceled out by time apart.
One doesn't erase the other
or balance it on some invisible scale.
You can spend a few hours with someone
and they will change your life,
or you can spend a lifetime with a person
and remain unchanged."

Michael Robotham (The Night Ferry)

True friends you are..
our time apart has not been canceled out..
in my unplanned absence from this refuge of mine.
I have changed..
yet stayed the same in my time time under the bell jar...

funny how hours turn into days turn into weeks..
turn into a month...
and the winds and rain and snow have touched us all..
Thanksgiving has come and gone...
and Christmas and a New Year are on the horizon.
and I want to say..
I appreciate all of you ..
and leave you with a gift of friendship.

for you all..
enjoy your white time