Saturday, February 21, 2009


My mind feels itself set in motion. Wandering ,searching, unable to settle on a single thought, forcing me to search for many outlets... this gilet is uncomplete... made with two strands of contrasting yarn a Shibui worsted merino and Claudia's hand dyed sock named the same-INK...but slightly different. The sock yarn has some degree of variation...much like a pen running out of but I like that... an unevenness... an imperfectness... creating some depth and character.
and Lena
well, it is uncompleted as well. I must confess the ribbing is a drone...
so that is why I started the French effortless garter stitch...
allowing my mind be free to do its wanderings. struggling between dream and reality
one of these two will seize me...
forcing me to settle and finish... to be whole again.
to have completed.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a sweeter week

Life can be untidy,
and a little less bright at times.
Fraught with mixed messages, I delved into my dark side.
But the darkness can be stimulating, and
Victory does not seem as appealing
sometimes you need something to dull the sting of a sorry triumph.
Something pure
something to help you realise
"the most sublime act is to set another before you" William Blake( 1757-1827) England
that is my course
and along the way I will share some sweetness
and even a little tang and next week I shall knit.
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy sweet week.

Monday, February 2, 2009


This is Cocoon in scree...remember?
It was almost Haven...
But I changed my mind. You do that,don't you?
Use your right to woman's prerogative?
I decided I wanted this instead.
It's Aimee... or, almost Aimee..
I made some modifications,
knit it in the round,
and changed the decreases to give the shoulder more shaping.
The yarn is soft and warm...the perfect shade of grey for me.
I feel all snugly,
like I'm in a cocoon,when I am wearing it. I almost went sledding..
got out the old Radio flyer...
but I changed my mind
that prerogative thing again, and decided to sew
or maybe I'll fuss with the amaryllis-
see if I can get it to stand up straight....or almost straight
Either way,
today is our anniversary
and I've spent almost all of my life
with the man I love...
hmmm...dinner out? or in??