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"We shall neither fail nor falter; we shall not weaken or tire... give us the tools and we will finish the job" Winston Churchill With the right tools, you can do anything... so they say. With the right glasses... you can see clearly... with the right pen... you express your thoughts on paper, with the right needles... you complete the perfect knit. Namaste... I left you with this last time... simply meaning "I bow to you." But also meaning this Namaste... and their Vintage Needle bag ... the right tool for you and your knitting... and this tool goes to: Sarah...Bee House Hives!! Sarah...email me your address...you won!

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Timestamp: 2009-11-04 01:04:40 UTC

By the way; My tools at this time are paint brushes and ladders. Fall home projects will be keeping me busy for a few weeks. Wish me luck in a quick completion won't you? So I can get back to my needles ;)


kim said…
Oh, I love the pictures of all the vintage needles. I have this weird thing where I have to keep every tool I own in my knitting bag. No wonder that it's so very heavy... Congrats to the winner and good luck with all of your projects!
Sarah is going to LOVE this Theresa.
Yes good luck with all your projects.
Renee said…
Beautiful pictures, Theresa!
Congratulations to Sarah.
Enjoy your fall renos and projects and hope they all go well. :)
Lucy said…
Uhhh! Lucky Sarah for such a perfect gift.
Yes, the images are moving, particularly the needles.
You my dear, I wish you all the best with your projects and a bit of free time to play with your needles.

I'm glad to see Winston getting a nod here :) An incredibly strong character.

In Nepal the children would pop out of nowhere and sing a cheerful "namaste" as you trekked on by.... one of my favorite memories.

Of course I'm wishing you luck - always.
Unknown said…
oh, everything is so yummy! and the knitting bag is divine... :)

good luck with the paint brush too, and i wish you quick drying paint so you can get busy with your needles asap... ;)

Nicole said…
Cogrates or should I say Namaste to Sarah!
sarah said…
WhAAAT! What!!
I can not believe this. Can not believe it! Camilla is so right and I do love this. Thank you a million times over... what a day!
Unknown said…
what a lucky winner! congrats!

hope your project will be done with lightning speed- cant wait for you to get back to your beautiful needles!
Eliza said…
lucky Sarah!
And what beautiful handwriting you have!
Char said…
gorgeous tools

congrats winner!
Ally Jay said…
Vintage needles are so inspiring to knit with. Lucky, lucky winner. Enjoy.
YarnSnob said…
You are the most generous blogger I know. Congrats to Sarah.
Let DH play with the painting tools!
Linda said…
Lucky winner! I hope the home projects go to plan. x
Alison said…
Oh, my, what a wonderful prize!

Godspeed to you on your fall projects- may you reunite with your needles and yarn soon, and with great joy, like reuniting with an old friend.

Happy painting-
the nest said…
Nice bag! Your hands will be so glad to rest on your needles after all that other hard work. Will you show us what you've done?

best - Annri
Rachel said…
Beautiful tools, beautiful sentiments! Most definitely wishing you speed and ease with your chores so you can get back to the reassuring clink of the needles.
peaknits said…
I will painting with you in my own house - I will imagine us painting together:) Fall projects, gotta be done! Lovely bag - lucky Sarah!!
Eadaoin said…
such beautiful images, you really have a talent with your camera :)

i left you an award on my blog, i hope you like it!

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