a sweeter week

Life can be untidy,
and a little less bright at times.
Fraught with mixed messages, I delved into my dark side.
But the darkness can be stimulating, and
Victory does not seem as appealing
sometimes you need something to dull the sting of a sorry triumph.
Something pure
something to help you realise
"the most sublime act is to set another before you" William Blake( 1757-1827) England
that is my course
and along the way I will share some sweetness
and even a little tang and next week I shall knit.
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy sweet week.


it is a sweet week, with all this lovely weather. gorgeous photos, as always.
Michelle said…
such a glorious post...
i love how you think, and write, and make, and photograph
love you x
Without darkness there would be no place for light to shine.

Beautifully written post.
Anonymous said…
A stellar plan. Here's to a very sweet week of pure knitting bliss.
Anonymous said…
From despondency and despair come honesty, sincerity and growth.

Remember the darkness, for it will make you cherish the happy times ahead.
and a very sweet week to you.
beautiful photos.
YarnSnob said…
Lovely post, so much thought in every post. A very very sweet week to you XX
nicole said…
Thank you for the eye-candy and beautiful words. Sweet indeed!
Enjoy knitterly comfort!
britt said…
what a lovely post! very beautiful and poetic!
Mary said…
Lovely post... here's to sweetness.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos. Happy Valentines Day to you too!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos! Have a happy valentine's weekend!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful post Theresa.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Renee said…
Lovely photos and post.
A very sweet and wonderful Valetine's weekend to you and yours.
TLCknits said…
love the photos...darkness is needed in order to appreciate the light... Have a wonderful week! :)
Lolly said…
amazing photos and words! sweet week indeed :)
Jane said…
Hope all is well with you Theresa and that you had a wonderful Valentine's Day.

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