January. The first month of a new year, all the traces of the Holidays are gone everything is put away everything is clean But it's January January is bleak January is cold dreary,lifeless The sun rarely shines here,the snow gets dirty. I want to hibernate. I have difficulty choosing projects,completing anything. I want this January to be different. So after lengthy bouts of thinking...and wondering... I came to a decision. Now is not the time for complexities. Now is the time to get back to basics. My grandmother taught me to knit as a child. and that is what I did...knit...everything garter stitch. At that time, in my childish mind...the most complex I could think of was K1P1... So I have decided to go back to basics... and K2P1 will be my friend...for awhile, until I have completed this project.
Lena...from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Collection. I am using Berocco Pure merino Dk in a pale,slight grey. Sort of a winter white. Barley. And I have the perfect button a gift that needs to be showcased
and I believe this is the way to do it...
but you undoubtedly will help me decide
So I will work,and work...and hopefully complete this project... to make this January different for me. I did get a little sunshine though
Isn't this scarf lovely?
A ray of sunshine to start my month thank you Lucy.
for the buttons,too And thank you for remembering my hands!


Anonymous said…
Oh, I feel much the same way. Bleak, wanting to hibernate muchly. Basics are good. Basics are comforting. I love the color and the wool, and the photography. It all makes me feel less... bleak.
YarnSnob said…
Everyone feels this way at this time of year, me included. Lovely scarf and the button, OH YES! :)
Eliza said…
I've been missing the sun too. I feel like usually we've got more sunny days this time of year, but it's been so overcast and icky. Your knitting looks so cozy and perfect!
I agree. January and November are my least favorite months! Bleak and dreary, and not even that much snow usually. What beautiful yarn to keep you going. And a simple K1P1 will be perfect. Like hibernating, but more productive. This will help.
Funessa said…
What a beautiful scarf! I wish I could hibernate and just stay inside and create beautiful things until spring!
Rosy Outlook said…
Oh I want this January to be different, too!
My Nana taught me to crochet. She created wonderful lacy tablecloths, pillowslips and bedcoverings in pure white cotton... maybe I could just crochet something simple?
Oh, I'm sorry January is a tough time for you. I feel so differently ~ I love cold weather and to me it passes all so quickly. I felt like this even when I lived in South Bend, Indiana where we had snow.

The simple soothing knitting that comes with a great yarn and an easy repetitious pattern is knitting at it's most enjoyable.
Anonymous said…
Repetition, cycles, routine - all help to slowly push towards a different month, towards completion, and towards small windows of excitement in simple details.

Definately use the button.
But you knew I would say that :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pattern. It's so perfect for the mood you're describing. Simpicity always seem to work in the darkest hours. Always. x
ooohh that colour looks just beautiful. i wait with great anticipation at seeing your januray challenge modelled..good luck... i like nothing nicer than sitting infront of a fire, good coffee on the table, good wool in the bag, and good sticks in hand!!
Anonymous said…
At least I'm in the best of company.

A beautiful color.

A beautiful stitch.

A beautiful scarf.
Renee said…
I sway back and forth between loving the white and cold and then wishing for more daylight with fewer of the dreary days.
The colour of your wool and project choice is terrific! The scarf from Lucy is lovely and the button looks perfect. Happy knitting!
Mary said…
Basics are so good - like a warm cup of tea - so soothing.
Jane said…
ooo I can't wait to see it. I haven't quite settled into my next project yet...still wiping away the last traces of the holidays. I always think of January as a month where I get to catch my breath.
peaknits said…
Janiary and February can be so hard. I good time to batten down the hatches with some simple knitting as beautiful as your sweater is growing to be. Take care!
Anonymous said…
such a wonderful and magic world.
full of lovely patterns, textures and creative potentialities.
Anonymous said…
It's a strange time of year. I'm just craving simplicity too after the over-stimulation that is the Christmas holidays.
Nicole said…
you forgot dirty , january is dirty too.
but not such a bad month for memories ... fourth birthdays and sixth year anniv. too :o)
ashley b said…
The basics are soothing to me I think. I love the yarn. Beautiful color for the season. And your little bit of sunshine, lovely.
there is something about january that i just love.
having a lot of time to knit is probably high on the list..........i love that about january!
lovely project. lovely button. and ......
lovely lucy!!!
nicole said…
Usually the simplest things are the most beautiful ones. Especially when you're using luxurious materials. I adore the pattern you've chosen.

Like everyone else, I'm also in a very simple mood. I had planned to start a complicated fair-isle vest this January, but I just don't have the energy. Instead I've fallen in love with miles of stocking stitch in Kidsilk Haze. Heaven!

AMAZING scarf!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh, you have really hit the nail with how I feel currently...hilbernating.
simple things seems to work miracles. I love your basics.

Also, very happy that you like the scarf!!!
TLCknits said…
missing the sun's warmth too... love the pics... the provide me with that missing warmth :)
Unknown said…
I think you approach to January is exactly as it should be, the pattern and yarn are beautiful, the perfect antidote to January.
Linda said…
Lena is lovely and the button will look great. I do like January though.
I like to think of it as a time to start new things, no matter how small. To treat yourself and luxuriate in front of a fire away from the cold and knit. To go for brisk walks until your cheeks are so cold and come home to a cosy house. To drink hot chocolate out in a little coffee place. To watch the birds on the feeder. To watch films in the evenings when its dark outside. To walk the kids to school seeing who can do the best dragons breath.
And to plan a holiday in a hot exotic land, even if its not real!
Lin x
Michele said…
your knitting caught my eye on flickr - had to come over and see it. Lena is a cool pattern and i love the color you're working with. a sweater to treasure.

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