Sunday, August 31, 2008

...that French woman...

Volupté[F]:pleasure:sensuality. Clapotis +Sundara aran silky merino = Volupté ...a pleasure to knit and the yarn-oh,that yarn-is sinfully pleasurable to work with... I wore it the moment it was finished...I really don't want to take it off...I know it is still August,but I really cannot help myself...I'm loving this that much...I want to make another(and anyone who knows me,knows that I rarely if ever,like never,do that) I have this book,by Mireille Guiliano, and have read portions of it,but after knitting this clapotis,I may have to have a croissant and read it paternal grandmother was born and raised in Northern Italy,but her mother was of French that makes me French...right? a little Brigitte Bardot? or more Jackie O?? Just me...that french woman...with the clapotis... And French women need socks,too,no? PS:The beach vacation was all that I could ask for,and thank you kindly for all the entries into the giveaway...I am organizing the drawing and will post the winner in a couple of days-with more on my travels.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Time has come for walking on the beach,balmy ocean breezes & falling asleep to the sound of the tide reaching the shore...endless hours of knitting & photographing are ahead...I am feeling so good & I want to share that feeling...6 months ago I began this blogging adventure and have never looked back-I have made wonderful friends and have had endless amounts of creative stimulation....and my 29th ;-) birthday is 13 days it's time to celebrate!
This Noro blossom is beautiful...don't you agree? A rainbow of amazing colors...what would you
create with it if it was yours?
IT COULD BE YOURS-I'M GIVING THIS AWAY-just leave me a on the blog and when I return from vacation we'll have a little official drawing from all the names (faithful and lurkers alike!)...the winner will be notified via email...
There will be some other wonderful surprises along with the Noro...a little Longaberger basket may be involved here,also!!
See you in 1 week...

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Snuggle - a close and affectionate (and often prolonged) embrace. Snuggle a baby,snuggle up... This is my version...a knit pattern for a baby wrap.A wrap,a buttoned cape,for a baby to be . Simple garter stitch with eyelets and shaping detail...the right yarn,the right outfit,and baby is warm,safe,snuggled,a bit... I added an easy button loop...and adorable pearlized heart buttons. Wrap around ease to put on and take off... I hope you enjoy this pattern...I enjoyed designing and making it for Taylor...
TAYLOR A Simple knit baby wrap
Supplies:1 skein NORO Maiko (wool,kid mohair,silk blend) color #107-red Size 7 straight or circular knitting needles Small crochet hook-to make buttonhole loop Two small buttons
Cast on 30 stitches and work in garter stitch(knit all rows) for ½ in-4rows Next row:eyelet row-knit 4;*yo,K2tog-continue from* until last 4 stitches;K4 Knit 1 row straight
Begin Shaping 1st row: K4,yo,K to last 4 stitches,yo,K4 2nd row: Knit Repeat these two rows until work measures 5 ½ ‘ from beginning and there are 72 stitches on the needle
Shape Neck K 26 stitches, turn, leave remaining stitches on a spare needle or stitch holder 1st row: Knit 2nd row: K 4,yo,K2tog,K to last 6 stitches,K2tog,K4 Repeat these two rows until 8 stitches remain, then 1st row K 2nd row K4,K2tog,K2 Continue alternating K rows with decrease row until 4 stitches remain. Work in garter stitch on these 4 stitches for 2 ½ inches. Cast off; leave approx. 12” yarn tail to make button loop. With the small crochet hook single in first stitch, chain 3 and reattach; weave in end. Now for remaining stitches: cast off 20 stitches for neck; work remaining 26 stitches as before, reverse shaping. Finish with same button loop. Sew 2 small buttons to back.
Fits approx. size 3-6 mo.-chest 18-19" Snuggle up your favorite little one!
© Copyright by Theresa Lasichak T does wool For personal use only;not for sale or mass supply Contact me,with questions..

Friday, August 8, 2008

me & Stella or is it Stella & I...

Project complete and I'm in love. Feather light fibers from Habu textiles ,linen tape and tsumugi silk ,worked together into a perfect summer sweater . I used Nora's pattern design Stella... I shortened the length of the sleeves to elbow length without the turn up cuff;and am pleased with it this way... The camera has picked up on a slight variance of color in the linen the photo it looks drastic,but in fact it is very subtle and at first I had not noticed.When I did I went into a little panic attack,but after seeing the sweater put together,I realized it was not as profound as I first thought.I have since changed the button,actually a couple of times.I had originally chosen this button, but I felt the sweater needed something larger . I looked through my stash and tried out the stone button on the first picture. It really was too heavy and overpowering for this sweater... In the end I went with this lightweight wooden button,hand made,with the same subtle shades as the sweater.I felt it a better choice.Wood,linen & silk seemed perfect bedfellows...what do you think? This will be coming to the beach...and I just may wear it all fall and winter...

and the award goes to:

I have had this award bestowed upon me by the illustrious Claudia,thank you for all your support and I owe you a handmade apron! Here are the rules: 1. Put the logo on your blog; 2. Add a link to the person who awarded you; 3. Nominate at least seven other blogs; 4. Add links to those blogs on your blog; and5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog drum roll please: 1. the first nomination will go to the chronic ennui- Kim ,she is gracious,kind and if you read her,will always put a smile on your face;-she's from Connecticut-maybe that's accomplished knitter-many of you probably already know her... 2.well,this was easy,bizzy mommy- Nicole -has been near and dear to me for forever(can you guess?)...a young SAHM,with fresh new ideas of her own...a newer knitter,anxious to learn and try new things... 3.if you want to find the best recipes on the net then visit Marilyn at simmer till done ...I love to cook ,but hardly have the time,so I always visit her blog when I'm hungry and simply drool...(that sounds bad;I really don't do it literally!) 4.Black dog knits-Nora,loves simplicity,clean lines accomplished designer-but very modest in her ways...has extraordinary taste;her knitting is fabulous... 5.a newer blogger, Jenn at stitching at stone cottage always has something wonderful going on-be it mud or homemade soap...a great knitter in her own right... is Katie,her blog is philigry-what I can tell you about her is that she is a human knitting machine-turning them out faster than I can wind a skein...all kidding aside-her knitting is excellent-you'll be amazed... 7. Leslie,a friend to knit with- well you all must know her-she's got this cult following,eager to see what she does next [must be difficult,she probably wears sunglasses wherever she goes :-)]...she is another accomplished knitter-her Ruby is to die for... Congrats to all for a blog well done...and Claudia-do I get a certificate to frame or something? :-) Happy Weekend-and happy blogging

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sunday sewing!

It all started last Friday,my daughter asked me to help her with a project from this book,I then decided it was time to attend to the fabric on my cutting table,so I came to a decision, and this bag came to life; I am pleased with the outcome...heavy Japanese cotton canvas from here, natural unbleached linen lining,soft refurbished leather accents,my knitting tag and a cool snap; that's it,and I love it...simple and fresh; now this new velvet ribbon...soft and plush...

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I'm usually a very vigilant person,always prepared,ready ...but when we returned home from our Saturday morning shopping in the city ,I was truly caught off-guard. There lay a box,a large box that the postman had left by the door.Now, he and I have a thing that I've spoken of before,but I swear I did not order anything...instead it was a gift,a lovely,lovely gift from Kim.She really didn't have to do it but,it made my Saturday and I'm thankful that she did! She sent this wonderful Jo Sharp tweed in 2 earthy tones that agree with me perfectly-they will become Sunday knitting... there was this little wrapped bag-I adore that rusted,primitive key-and I wonder how they got that gorgeous bead on there? Inside was the softest overdyed velvet ribbon and 2 carved horn buttons-Kim is very astute-she remembers everything-like my love for buttons and ribbons... and then this bag...a black clutch,straw with a dotted lining; and a very roomy inside-lots of possibilities for uses...this will be coming on vacation !Thanks Kim for really know how to spoil me...