Monday, June 30, 2008

what's fair...

I just ate the last homemade Popsicle.It was made with a lemonade packet and a box of margarita flavored jello...sounds too extravagant for kids,but it was slightly sweet,slightly tangy,really...just right.They loved them,even if I had trouble removing them intact from the new molds.But,I saved one,just one...for that wrong?...that's fair isn't it...all for them and one for me...that's about how it goes around here sometimes... I have finished May and had originally asked a very pregnant coworker to model I could post about it...but that did not seem fair somehow...Hailey will be here this weekend,and she should model it...don't you think? all of her pregnant you will have to wait my friends ,until she can try it on for the first time herself...that's only fair... I can show you this,a new cowl,from this book that I made last night.Used less than 1 skein manos del uruguay ,it's a feather and fan pattern..I think it turned out well...I'm not sure if I'll keep it... It looks okay on me...the yarn is a little scratchy..the temperature is only 68 today so I really didn't suffer much putting on this old blazer to model the cowl...I don't know if it's fair for me to keep I probably will give this away...besides,I have some yummy new Habu to make myself something ... What really is not fair is the birds are getting at my berries...I hope they will's only right,don't you think?...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sentiment:an attitude, thought, or judgment prompted by feeling;appeal to the emotions in literature or art; expression of delicate, sensitive feeling... This has started me thinking...yesterday was my father's birthday...a quiet family pomp and circumstance...cake and ice cream-ice cream's and sisters,children and grandchildren gathered to celebrate the accumulated years of one man's life...and to wish him many more. My father was in the Army during the Korean War...he and my mother were very young,recently wed..I'm sure the separation caused heartache and sentiment...he sent her many lovely gifts purchased from afar...some, she is not sure just where they are, the set of hand painted china are in MY possession...a gift from my sister ,so the story goes broke a few of the plates and cups long ago..dishwasher elegant she was not...but,enough use,for special times... would you not consider holding this Habu a special occasion? It is destined to be the most delicate of sweaters... And May nearly completed...a few stolen moments to myself and this gift will be ready...hopefully someday Hailey will look back on it with sentiment,remembering the birth of her first child...

Friday, June 20, 2008


Sometimes I think I really must love the postman...we have this thing...I click the mouse and he drops off a package...what's not to love about that? Look at the wonderful Habu that came yesterday...I am amassing what I can find in this color for another project...always something to do,always thinking of that a problem I wonder,or is it a blessing? I am blessed to be able to express myself in a creative manner..we all are don't you think?So we,I continue to Today brings the summer soltice...the longest day of the year..a time most of us long for all year..summer ...we think about it,we plan for it and now it's time to do...have fun this weekend...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I like to believe that everything happens for a good reason...that is, good things and not so good things...they all seem to have a way of working out...wouldn't you agree? Like this gorgeous yarn that was delivered by my friendly postman yesterday...they happened to have it when I wanted it and in the exact colorway...see,it was meant to, that being said,last Friday...the 13th (you're not superstitious are you?) I picked up my needles to work on this...when the yarn ripped,just half, at the end of a row,with only a mm to spare...I knew I would have to unknit a row ,blah,blah,blah...but the I thought...I really had wished I started it on larger needles,like the pattern called for ,wished it was lighter, I frogged it...and knit like a mad woman most of the weekend to compensate for what I had lost...I got this: just what I was looking was really a rush to see it work just the way I wanted it've had that feeling,too right? And I continued on until this...a flare up of for now,I'll wear my brace,take my Motrin and rest it...a little..but can anyone give me a good reason for this happening?

Sunday, June 15, 2008


My first love,my Dad... strong,kind,gentle,loving,caring,fair,generous,intelligent,and reliable... HAPPY FATHER'S DAY... my true love... well he's napping in his chair...recuperating from the wedding... and he's a wonderful example of a great DAD,too... HAPPY FATHER'S all the dad's out there!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Day changes to night...and then comes the dawn again...Spring leads to summer...then to the cool crisp days of autumn...wintry chill follows...We grow older...ever changing...a cycle that does not end... I have been inspired by many over these past few months. My thoughts have changed...and my ideas have taken on different aspect...I have changed...I am not the same...I have begun a new work...and at and in everything I do...STELLA has begun to change...take form...I am happy with the decision to change this...into what will become something I will love. I will make this, but replace the yarn with a different colorway...darker...different... and ZAKKA has been shaped...completed...I am pleased with the result... Notice anything else I've changed?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

the senses

I have begun work on this, Nora's designs are wonderful and she makes me want to stop all of my projects and imitate her...if I only had time! I changed the needle size to accommodate this Habu that the postman had brought me earlier,I am using size 8's and added stitches to obtain the appropriate measurements... Beginning to knit on these fibers was different,of course...but the texture is very appealing...the swoosh of the paper and silk wrapped together is calming...and makes me not want to is a bit slippery for the Addi's , I will switch to my Lantern Moons for the fronts and should work up a bit faster with those... The postman brought me this package this past week ... I told you I have been thinking about me lately...and this Sundara is another indulgence that I could not is luscious in its silkiness,and the colors are so stunning...this yarn will become this... I will leave you with another treat for your senses...if I could only project this scent of this pineapple sage! I encourage all to touch the herbs in the garden... Happy week to you...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

all for me

I had hoped to be posting about this shrug, but for some reason it has become my white elephant . It only needs a small portion of the collar,but,I am I knit this cowl/neckwarmer from here and I am glad that I did.I used up some leftover yarn from this project and I thought it might work up nicely..and it did! I had a wonderful button to use on the cowl and am quite pleased...It was intended for a gift,but I have been a little selfish lately and believe I just may keep it. I have started this project also and I believe I will use this wonderful fabric from here .I think I will keep it that selfish? I hope not...I'll just think of it as a little treat for me...

Sunday, June 1, 2008


is the first day of the rest of my life...cliche,but true.Yesterday was my last shift as staff/charge nurse...Tuesday I begin my new journey...I am thrilled at the prospect of new learning...this morning my poppies awoke..saying hello to all...a good wish for me... we are off to girl-girl's 5th birthday party shortly...what a big girl now,kindergarten is on the horizon... but today will be bubbles and gifts and family and fun...I made both she and lullabye each a twirly denim skirt,I used an old jean skirt...(this must be why it was saved)and used the tutorial here. It was fun,and I hope they will like them...t-shirts and shoes complete the ensemble...but I had to change the shoes.. we love green...I saw them here,and had to give it a,! This is butta baby's cardigan,from this book, it's the raglan is the shrug for will be blocked this week and pictures to follow..Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday...