Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have a wonderful friend at work.Her birthday gifts are usually over the top.Last September she gave me a gift certificate for a massage...and I am just getting around to using it..I know..I know..but truly I am busy..I know..I know...I should relax more... My back and neck feel wonderful now,but let's just say the massage did a number on my delicate balance.I've had massages before,in fact this same friend gave me a gift certificate for one a couple of years you think she's trying to tell me something?? I've never had a problem before...but I have heard of people who become physically ill must release some toxins of a sort in your body,anyway...I am now in that category.. the salad afterwards was wonderful...the photo doesn't quite capture it...field greens,walnuts,gorgonzola and a delicate blueberry vinaigrette... and deep dish yum These are reverse-bloom flower washcloths from one of my favorite knitting books weekend knitting by Melanie Falick...I made them last summer,and have a few left...they make a wonderful gift with some added scented soap...I knit them at the graduation ceremony of my son's husband thought it was tacky-knitting at a graduation...I found it relaxing..better than a massage...well,almost...

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend overview

Whenever I get a shower invitation of any kind I usually cringe.Don't get me wrong,I adore giving gifts and I like to think my self as a slightly social butterfly.I am a working girl and nursing does not permit me EVERY weekend off-so ,my time is precious...not that time spent with family ,friends and loved ones is ever wasted..But I went..and I am very glad I did!They did a spectacular job with the decorating-the impatiens were take home favors, Emily,being the younger sister,and professional chef made these tasty cookies ,a cellophane bag placed at each setting... and she also made this wonderful cake..what a lovely sister,to offer such talents...It was wonderful to visit with old,dear friends...the weather was beautiful and the time spent with people I love was priceless...that was Saturday.Yesterday we had 12 of our family here to celebrate my son"s birthday...we grilled steaks and had a smorgasbord of favorites.The weather cooperated,the Pens won the hockey game and everyone was more than satisfied with the day... We finished off Sunday evening with the sweetest,plump strawberries...sure to bring good dreams... And then came Monday morning...I really hate it when they say a cold front is headed our way...Rain,rain,rain...even the ball looks cold,wet and miserable..there is always tomorrow...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Road Trip

Spring is here in full force.We have been experiencing the most beautiful days,the most beautiful blooms.This force has rejuvenated body and soul. I am still working on the cabled shrug MAY -both fronts and back are completed-so I hope to have a completed photo in the next few weeks. My niece will be home for Mother's Day-I hope to give it to her then.. The warm weather always leads to a road trip-this one was to YARNS UNLIMITED... I had to go...yes-I HAD to go-I had an order to pick was only a pair of leather slipper bottoms-ordered before the UGLY slippers,now defunct,were I HAD,yes,had to get a Habu kit-I have been wanting to try one and I'll let you know how it turns out... I have a good feeling it will be better than the slippers. I made some rice pudding tonite-my daughters favorite-I won't leave the recipe unless someone wants it,but I will leave you a link to a biscotti recipe to die for. When we go to the city on Saturday mornings,we always stop in at Enricos,and you can find the recipe here. You won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Baby!

gotcha-and Sissy told everyone how much you drank! Darn those sisters anyway! Happy Birthday and happy Earth Day,too!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Simple pleasures

I found these little blue vincas blooming in my untended garden when I came home from work today.They were a welcome surprise. It was warm today-close to 70 .F-and it made you feel alive again after the cold winter and the cold spring we have been having.The blue is a delicate periwinkle and then I found the yellow: These are really old fashioned daffodils.They have been blooming in this yard for I'll bet over 60 years-they are indestructible-I have dug up hundreds of these bulbs over the years,they have been transplanted in many other gardens and are blooming heartily there also,I wonder how many years they can go on?It starts to make you think about the power of sharing.And of kindness;towards those you know and those you do not know so well.Like blogging...You don't really know if people are reading or not,what they think of you or not..I want to share something I found on Flickr I found this wonderful recipe for Blackberry scones here,I made these with the most wonderful plump blackberries If you make them-have some tea and do a little knitting.Think of your friends and the friends you may make someday..enjoy the little things in life...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

pajama party

Friday night was pajama party/sleepover...notice the pedicures and manicures!Lots of fun,lots of talking,giggles and little sleep-for me that is...

notice the long,beautiful,sleepover hair..even the dollies are getting in the act!

This is my 2 x 2 ribbed scarf-made from classic elite bravo-a really soft blend of silk and mohair-it ended up being very chilly this weekend so I ended up needing to wear it...I am looking forward to warmer days,but I must admit-I do like to wear this scarf-even if it is waiting at dance class after a very long (but so much fun) night!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

remember when...

Originally uploaded by T Does Wool

Do you remember your first knitting project?This was mine-the pattern was in SEVENTEEN magazine's knitting edition-I could not wait to make this-I was so hip,so neat,so whatever-until my mother WASHED and FELTED it !!! I got a lot of wear from it before she did the damage-and did the guys ever like it-well,yes they did-it would now fit a 9 yr old without breasts-but a 16 yr old-I don't think so...I did have the foresight to save my work-isn't that the wonderful thing about knitting projects-they can be worn almost forever...
This is kept safely in my cedar chest-taken out for remember whens...

Monday, April 7, 2008


I worked long shifts over the weekend and really did not want to get up early-like 5am, again...but A.J. had a procedure scheduled and he need a driver..since I'm his other half ,I was elected.I brought my camera along in hopes of catching a beautiful sun rise-and of course my knitting:
I did't get a sunrise shot,but my knitting did get me some conversation while I waited:
People seem drawn to watching and asking questions-I really don't mind-however,the pattern is twisted cables and bobbles-not really a mindless take along-so I only got a few rows completed,but did make a couple of new friends...
A.J. was no worse for the wear when he was done ,and like a true MAN began promptly asking for REAL food-me,I would have been out of commission for at least a week after anesthesia,but we were home by 8:30am-just in time for a manly breakfast and a nap to recuperate,while I prepared the next feast:
this and
this and:
this made this:
and he ATE it all! (the yellowish glob is a garlic clove-he loves them)
Go figure!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Granola Originally uploaded by T Does Wool

Is there anyone out there that doesn't like this stuff? I like to make mine homemade-and it makes the whole house smell yummy!-recipe-5C old fashioned oats,2C(more if you like) of almonds and pecans,1/4 oatbran,1/4 cup sesame seeds,2t cinnamon,3/4 C lt. brown sugar,1t salt(Iike gray salt)-these are your dry ingredients.Your wet ingredients are:3/4 C unsweetened applesauce,1/3 C honey,2T oil,1Tvanilla and 1t pure orange oil.Mix the wet together in separate bowl,combine dry ingredients and add wet to the dry,mixing well.Spread on lg.baking sheet (I spray first usually)Bake 300 F.for 40 min-stir well every 10 minutes. Cool and store in zip lock bags. Try it and I'll bet you won't ever go back!