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Enough Felted wool, either knitted and felted or try an old woolen sweater felted to cut a 7 ½” diameter circle for base of bag and 6” x 23 ¾” long piece for lower half of bag. Cotton or desired fabric, 10 ½" X 23 ¾” long for top half of bag. 40” of 5/8” wide cotton twill tape for drawstring…or desired medium Matching thread, pins, sewing machine. If you have a locking stitch ,use it, especially on the side seam where the casing opens. Have all pieces cut to size as stated, pressed and ready to go. ½” seam allowance used Sew top and lower half pieces together along the long edge. Press. Topstitch. With right sides together sew the body, leaving 2 ½” open from the top (to form casing) Press ¼” in along this open edge and topstitch. Fold and press ¼” on top edge of the bag body..fold down another 1”, press and sew along the lower edge to form casing. Carefully pin the body to the circle (bag bottom) adjusting where necessary,sew and then zigzag for a neat inner seam.

Turn right side out,press and thread drawstring thru casing.
Hint:I traced a cereal bowl onto the wool and cut out leaving a seam allowance for the bottom!
Thanks to Nora... and you can click on free pattern link on side bar to make a copy!


Renee said…
Thanks so much!! I'm definitely making this bag. Thanks to Nora too. :)
That bag is adorable! Thanks so much.
Anonymous said…
Love the revision. :) I'll include a link on my Ravelry page.
HobbygÃ¥sa said…
This is the most beautiful bag I have ever seen! Wow, I'm in love!
Anonymous said…
Really nice job. I love these little bags for on-the-go projects. So pretty!
wow. that is really LOVELY! thank you.
YarnSnob said…
Love this SO much, now to find an old sweater to felt, may use one of DH's :)
Thanks for sharing T
This is such a stylish bag! Thanks for sharing how you make it ~ so we can all have one :)

I love the many ways that felted wool can be used. Just amazing.

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