Embrace imperfection.

My bam is blended. A blend of everything good from my stash...alpaca,silk,Debbie Bliss cotton,Habu mohair...in pale minty greens,palest duck egg blue, muted ivory. It is soft. It is pale. I am not perfect, nor do I want to be . Imperfection is an art. It is not my style to make a promise I cannot keep it is not my style to make New Year's resolutions. I will not resolve to run 5 miles a day like I once did... or to lose weight,change my hair,or change my ways... be better or do better. I will not resolve to knit faster.... to finish all projects...
a New Year is upon us, a chance to take life again, a day at a time.. just to be... or try to be... another year, to just try
I am paled by comparison to be in the company of so many talented people. I have been influenced in a good way by all of your creations. So with the New year upon us,
whatever course you choose,
my advice is
a day at a time
Enjoy And Have a Happy one!
I have decided to let the computer do the choosing on this giveaway.
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the sock book and some other goodness are now Yours!!
and thanks to:
Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk wristwarmers by her... Christmas warm wishes from her...


i love your thoughts on the new year and resolutions. you are a smart lady and i am so happy that i "met" you this year. happy new year, theresa.
Anonymous said…
'One day at a time' - sounds good to me. Knitting and everything else as a more relaxed pace. Looking forward to seeing it all with you. :)
Nicole said…
very wise as usual :o) and it was the VERY least i could do for you as for all that you do for myself and my family. i hope that they can keep you warm and cozy!
Eliza said…
a very happy new year! I like your resolutions (or lack thereof). I'm with you on the empty promises. Let's be realistic! :)

Did you get your new camera?
sheepish one said…
sage advice.
resolutions should be more like yours.
happy new year.
YarnSnob said…
Your cowl is blended to perfection.

I don't make resolutions, I live life to the full and enjoy each day as it comes. Wishing you all the best for the new year and thank you for being there for me, to listen to my moans and groans but most of all, for your inspiration.
Renee said…
So well written, thank you for expressing these thoughts.
I love your blending, it's really nice.
So glad I got to know you and your blog this year. Have a very Happy New Year Theresa!
Mary said…
Thank you for the very good advice, and reminding me to take it one day at a time. Happy New Year to you and your family.
Anonymous said…
I have always treasured the imperfections of handmade goodies - so long as they are not mine! And I have long ago given up resolutions, although when it comes to knitting I try to make a few each year that never seem to pan out. Perhaps I need to adopt more of your philosophy and just let things take their course. But, really, I MUST get rid of some stash.
What a nice New Year post. Great words, Teresa, really. I'll try to take my new year at a pace like yours. Thanks and Happy New Year!!!
nicole said…
Fantastic New Year's resolution. But ironically probably just as hard to keep. It's hard to accept who we are sometimes isn't it?

Thank you for the inspiration! Have a wonderfully you 2009!
happy new year to you theresa! a beautiful post. just what i needed! peace to you and your family.
theresa, this couldn't have been more perfectly written. or come at a more perfect time.
i don't set resolutions either. and taking life one day at a time is the perfect way to live.
happy new year!!!
Anonymous said…
Happy holidays to you!
Jane said…
Love the cowl, so so pretty. Add me to the list of no resolutions. I just try to be a good mom, wife and friend and if that gets me through the day I feel like I've done good!
Ally Jay said…
Such profound words of wisdom.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful thoughts - one day at a time...

Wishing you a happy and healthy 2009. Thank you for the inspiration, support and encouragement. x
Anonymous said…
I will try to remember to embrace imperfection and address 'one day at a time'. Thanks for the New Year thoughts.
Linda said…
Perfect! Happy new year! xx
Anonymous said…
Happy new year!
Anonymous said…

Speechless me!


'a day at a time'!

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