December and gifts

Now,tell me,is it wrong to model a gift? Is it wrong to want to keep that gift? Of course,I will give it away,but I had to have the softness against my skin just once! It is the colinette zero...this one the one called whirley fig, the yarn is a chunky weight,but it is both thick and thin, creating a textural landscape over your knit. I thought the color went well with my new red coat... the pattern is the Dolores Park Cowl and if you have never made one,you should.. it works up quickly,in a couple of hours, even if you stop and admire the yarn every 15 minutes! I've made 2 this fall for gifting...I am hoping they like them... I also finished the Side Slip Cloche from Boutique Knits as a gift... another dust pink yarn...this one is a handspun from Shadyside Farms. It also worked up slubby,thick and thin..but an aran weight. I did not model this as you can see...didn't want to mold it to my head,I may not take it off!
And I modified Nora's Zakka bag pattern ,to use a felted wool,
and Japanese cotton...all pieces were cut and sewn...
I have the instructions all written down and I promise to share!
Chocolate and pink...what every girl needs!
Hard to believe it's December already.
It will soon become winter officially.
Winter is the time for comfort,for
good food and warmth,for the touch
of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire:it is the time for home.
-Edith Sitwell
Happy Birthday to my husband Andrew today!!
(I call him my junior senior citizen!)
May you enjoy December.


Anonymous said…
I totally understand the feeling...some pretty gifts are very tempting to keep for yourself. Am sure the recepient will not give it back!

Nice gifts you made. I have some felted wool sweaters waiting for a project and that pouch might be a good idea.

Warm birthday wishes to your other half. Let the warm and cozy days of winter begin!
Eliza said…
Looks like maybe you need to make yourself one of those cowls! Or maybe the recipient can have a different one. YOu know they'll never know the difference!
Rosy Outlook said…
I know that feeling too... that's when I realize that I've gotten the recipient a perfect gift. Lovely entry T + I adore the cowl AND your gorgeous red coat.
Happy Birthday to your Mr.! (He doesn't need a gift... he has you!)
Anonymous said…
Wow, for someone whose arm is killing them.... You sure do know how to whip up the handmade items. And lovely items they are! First, Happy Birthday, Andrew! Also, I love the red coat muchly!

What a great idea to felt the Zakka bag. I still can't figure out the original pattern, proving yet again that I cannot sew. Which is just fine since I just ship the pieces off to Australia... :)

Oh, and the cowl - GORGEOUS. And the hat - super cute and "flapperish." I love a handmade holiday!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful work T. I love the little zakka pouch - please share your mods so I can make one too! :)

PS: Happy birthday Andrew.
wonderful as always. you have such great taste in colors :)
YarnSnob said…
You see why I always make two of each, so I can keep one for myself and gift one if I need to :)

I love that Zakka bag, you must tell me where you found that fabric!!! Its beautiful! I think I need to make one now, so will be checking out your mods.

Have a great evening out with Hubby, happy birthday to him
Nicole said…
beautiful work and pictures 1 happy birthday old man1 i mean dad!
and umm, who is the recipient of those pretty pink gifts?...
i heart pink! just sayin'...
Nicole said…
the many 1's are to be !!!!! but you knew that right?? :o)
sometimes its hard to part with gifts that you buy, let alone the ones you make... your pink cloche looks terrific.
Jane said… I know that someday we will is my husband's birthday and his name is Andrew.

Every single gift is beautiful!
Renee said…
The gifts are all so wonderful! You and your red coat definitely need a cowl like that.
The bag is my favourite item in this post. I'm so glad you'll be sharing details.
Every girl needs something pink and brown!!
All the gifts are so beautiful! No, it is not wrong to model and wish it were for you :)

I love, love, love your bag. I've never sewn but may ask Santa for a sewing machine this year as I love all the pretty things you can do with fabic!

It seems Christmas will be upon us before we know it this year :(

Happy Birthday to Andrew!
nicole said…
What a gorgeous, colour coordinated post. Chocolate and pink heaven!

What lovely gifts from an even lovelier gifter. You need to make another cowl for yourself!
raining sheep said…
I LOVE, love that Zakka bag. That is truly great. I should try making one they just look like so much fun and would be cute to use instead of christmas wrap - something nice put inside for someone special and then they can use the bag.
Philigry said…
beautiful gifts! everything is great.
These look great! I love the felted wool on that tote. Such a nice contrast to the cotton.
Anonymous said…
Could you be any more productive?! So many beautiful pieces you've made. The cowl is gorgeous and I always try things on before giving them away. :-)
Mary said…
Everything is beautiful! I had to laugh when I read, "Even if you stop and admire the yarn every 15 minutes". That is how I knit. I'll have to make one of these cowls.
dec 1!!! something is wrong with my bloglines!
that is the day that they must have gone "all read"!

your knitted gifts are totally fabulous. i really need to get on the stick and start knitting some gifts!

happy belated birthday to your hubby!!!!

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