In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.-- Albert Schweitzer Thank you Elaine for the exceptionally wonderful gift, I am so pleased to now own this Porom. you have rekindled my inner and outer spirit... the hat is so cosy and warm the Sublime yarn is a luxury...soft and totally squishy... and you are so generous to send me some of my very own... being the yarnsnob that you are... I expect only the best ;-) your knitting is impeccable... and your taste in choosing buttons..well,it matches my own and thank you for sharing the gift of friendship. the vest is complete,ribbons added and ready for wrapping, I changed the front a little..I did a panel of double crochet,instead of picking up stitches to form the front bands,and it worked perfectly ... I have to confess a little secret...I abhor picking up stitches to form these bands. What about you? Oh,and Erin ...the swap is in the bag...and on it's way... Thank you all for your well wishes...I have an MRI on Monday. I need my arm to hold out for Christmas!


Eliza said…
great gifts! Sorry to hear the arm is still bothering you. Hope the MRI helps get to the bottom of it!
Renee said…
What wonderful gifts and I love that quote.
Wishing you and your arm issues well soon!!
What a wonderful gift for a knitter to receive! The hat will be so cozy to wear and the yarn might make a nice matching cowl?

I hope the MRI report is good news. Don't push yourself or it will be harder to recover, as you know.

Have fun with your swapping fun!
YarnSnob said…
Ooooo its a great fit!!! I am so relieved it fits!! You wear it so well, much better than how I wear can you turn your head a little to the right???? LOL

You're making me blush like crazy girl!!

Im so glad you like the small gift of friendship and hope our friendship will grow and grow!

Hope the results of the MRI is good so you can start knitting again.

spoilt you..your new hat looks just great, and i love the colour of the vest you have made.
hope your arm is on the mend soon.
Anonymous said…
T. you said it very well. Very touching.

WIth all my heart, I wish you a quick recovery and good news!
Linda said…
What a beautiful hat, lovely gifts. I hope the arm is going to get better. x
These photos... Oh the loveliness! I can't handle myself! Must. Touch. Yarn.

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