...that French woman...

Volupté[F]:pleasure:sensuality. Clapotis +Sundara aran silky merino = Volupté ...a pleasure to knit and the yarn-oh,that yarn-is sinfully pleasurable to work with... I wore it the moment it was finished...I really don't want to take it off...I know it is still August,but I really cannot help myself...I'm loving this that much...I want to make another(and anyone who knows me,knows that I rarely if ever,like never,do that) I have this book,by Mireille Guiliano, and have read portions of it,but after knitting this clapotis,I may have to have a croissant and read it through...my paternal grandmother was born and raised in Northern Italy,but her mother was of French descent...so that makes me French...right? a little Brigitte Bardot? or more Jackie O?? Just me...that french woman...with the clapotis... And French women need socks,too,no? PS:The beach vacation was all that I could ask for,and thank you kindly for all the entries into the giveaway...I am organizing the drawing and will post the winner in a couple of days-with more on my travels.


robyn said…
your clappy is beautiful

I wore mine all winter, I hope you get to do the same
Anonymous said…
I love your clapotis; the yarn you chose is like wrapping yourself up in chocolately goodness. That picture of you is so great, so stylish. And the socks color is exquisite -- just right for Fall.
Oh, definately Bardot.

Lovinggggg your clapotis. I felt exactly the same when I finished mine. I wanted to be taken out to a cafe for a cappachino.

I say if you feel French you are french.
Anonymous said…
Très magnifique vous et Clapotis!
Amusez-vous tellement!
nicole said…
Mais oui, Madame, vous êtes très française!

Toujours chic!
Nicole said…
Très français ! cela me fait le français aussi, la droite ?
TLCknits said…
Clapotis is beautiful!.. I started one years ago.. and got so messed up and never went back.. You've inspired me to consider trying it again!. Thx :)
Philigry said…
so gou had a great time at the beach!
Love the shades and the wrap! so beautiful.
I can not wait to see those socks.
totally impressed with your clapotis.........and with lucy's french!!! :)
really really beautiful. all of it.
Ally Jay said…
Mais oui. Tres bien.
Jane said…
so pretty! this has been on my to-do list for so long. I must make it soon!
Anonymous said…
Teresa...Jared Flood will teach 3 classes Friday Oct 10 from 1-4, Knitting from the top down
Sat Oct 11 9-12..Seamless Sweater
Sat 1:30-4:30 design your own aran.
Workshops are $40 each.
The class descriptions are on the web site ( and on Ravelry in about 10 minutes) yarnsunlimitedpa.com...go to the "classes" section.
Anonymous said…
The clapotis is gorgeous!!
Anonymous said…
Oui, tres Francaise. My name is Martine, so I must be French too? Non?

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