What do you think of when I say brioche? Do you think of the french bread that is characterized by a rich, sweetflavor and flaky texture which almost makes it feel like a pastry, rather than a bread? If you do,then this is the link for you;but if you are thinking of a knitting pattern,that develops into a beautiful ribbing,then this blog is the place for you! Now that I have acquired a management position,rather than clinical in nature I have every weekend off.Very nice perc when you are in the medical field,since people are usually ill every day of the week(and that usually means working weekends) I have always had family for Sunday dinner every other week,but now that leaves me lots of Sunday knitting time. This past Sunday I got the itch to use up a lonely skein that I had purchased from the LYS sale bin a couple of years ago.A chunky yarn, ever so soft and rich with greens and blues,a blend of fibers,some alpaca,some cotton;but,somehow I lost the label so I don't know for sure.I'll probably come across it sometime,but for now I have no name,no details,just some yarn-1 skein and not even sure how much...so I decided to design a cowl,using that 1 skein, Now,if it were snowing out,then I would look like this,but it is hot and ever so humid,so it will sit,maybe...probably...become a gift. I used the Brioche Rib stitch and if you have never tried it ,you must...it works up to a lovely rib with hardly any effort.This yarn really doesn't show how wonderful the stitch is;but try it on a malibrigo and I'm sure you will be happy. I really don't like to pull anything over my head...messy hair,blah,blah....so this is buttoned.I used two 2" buttons from my stash that happened to work,but you could alter it to suit your taste. BRIOCHE RIBBED COWL Supplies: #15 straight knitting needles 1 skein chunky wt. yarn Size G crochet hook...to make button loops 2-2" buttons
  • row 1: Knit
  • row 2(right side): *K1,K1 in st below;repeat from* to last 2 sts,K2
  • Repeat row 2 throughout
Cast on 16 stitches onto #15 needles.Follow pattern above,proceeding with row2 throughout until piece measures 19 1/2" or desired length. K2 rows and cast off loosely,making sure there is at least 30" of yarn left.Do not cut yarn;instead,with crochet hook single crochet into cast off edge for 1/2(about 2-3 sc.),at that point begin making chain loop approx. 2" long and reattach to bound off edge,single crochet for another 3/4" and the repeat chain loop for buttonhole,reattach to edge and finish the last 1/2" of cast off edge with a couple single crochets-bind off-weave in yarn ends. I used left over yarn to sew(tie) my buttons on. Finished measurements = 6.5" x 20" It's a quick knit and I hope you like it...


Nicole said…
I love it and I'm going to make it !
Anonymous said…
It's great! I love the buttons especially and the way you tied them on. I had never heard of this stitch before; I will need to try it. Also loved your snowy shot.
As soon as I read this post title -I thought of those yummy french rolls - and wondered if they were spelled the same way! I'm so glad you have your weekends to yourself - but I'm sorry for the patients who no longer have you on the floor. Thanks for sharing your cowl. I'll have to show it to my neighbor as I think she has some left over yarn that would be perfect!

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