is the first day of the rest of my life...cliche,but true.Yesterday was my last shift as staff/charge nurse...Tuesday I begin my new journey...I am thrilled at the prospect of new learning...this morning my poppies awoke..saying hello to all...a good wish for me... we are off to girl-girl's 5th birthday party shortly...what a big girl now,kindergarten is on the horizon... but today will be bubbles and gifts and family and fun...I made both she and lullabye each a twirly denim skirt,I used an old jean skirt...(this must be why it was saved)and used the tutorial here. It was fun,and I hope they will like them...t-shirts and shoes complete the ensemble...but I had to change the shoes.. we love green...I saw them here,and had to give it a,! This is butta baby's cardigan,from this book, it's the raglan is the shrug for will be blocked this week and pictures to follow..Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday...


What a cheery post! You will enjoy your new job and be fabulous at it! Love them green shoes - I may have to have a pair myself!
Anonymous said…
those shoes look great! I'm making some more tomorrow.
i am also a nurse and have been trained for longer than i wish to think about - what does lifes journey bring after handing in your stethoscope?
Max's Mommy said…
Good luck with the new position! I know you'll do great!

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