Sentiment:an attitude, thought, or judgment prompted by feeling;appeal to the emotions in literature or art; expression of delicate, sensitive feeling... This has started me thinking...yesterday was my father's birthday...a quiet family affair...no pomp and circumstance...cake and ice cream-ice cream cake...brother's and sisters,children and grandchildren gathered to celebrate the accumulated years of one man's life...and to wish him many more. My father was in the Army during the Korean War...he and my mother were very young,recently wed..I'm sure the separation caused heartache and sentiment...he sent her many lovely gifts purchased from afar...some, she is not sure just where they are,others...like the set of hand painted china are in MY possession...a gift from my parents...my sister ,so the story goes broke a few of the plates and cups long ago..dishwasher elegant she was not...but,enough remain..to use,for special times... would you not consider holding this Habu a special occasion? It is destined to be the most delicate of sweaters... And May nearly completed...a few stolen moments to myself and this gift will be ready...hopefully someday Hailey will look back on it with sentiment,remembering the birth of her first child...


Anonymous said…
Oh, I've been looking at that sweater on Flickr and loving it! It seems even more special now that I see the pattern book. It's just beautiful!

The plates are so pretty. They clearly went to the person who would treasure them and appreciate their beauty.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful sentiments, objects and knitting.
May is going to be a show stopper. I love that cabling. You know, my father also fought in the Korean war. He was infantry and his unit lay communication wires at the front. What can I say - nothing scares this man.

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