a really great Monday

The puzzle has truly come together for me this Monday...in more ways than one.Last night I did the soak (after my 12 hour weekend rotation)...this time I tried Eucalan,I purchased it recently at my LYS..previously I had been using Soak,it (Soak) is very good,but I really liked the Eucalan,I bought the natural,unscented,and it is no rinse!Then came the blocking, this was more of a giant stretch.The pattern sizes it approx 14" x 75"...my finished measurements are 14"x 72"...so pretty close,this does work up on the bias...so measurements are tip to tip...I wasn't sure if I liked it,before I did the finishing,that is..the silk rumple is a boucle,and it was tricky to work with...I did quite a bit of tinking...but it all worked out in the end.I wasn't sue if I would even wear it,thinking I may use it as a gift,but As you can see by the smile on my face...I LOVE it...and I am sure I will wear it after all... All in all,even though I really didn't care for the silk rumple,that won't deter me in the future from purchasing another Handmaiden kit.The color is really beautiful...as all the Handmaiden yarns...that in itself is a great attraction. We call these snowballs,I guess I never really thought about this tree/bush/hedge 's family name before,but whatever the name is (what's in a name anyway...hydrangea?) the white blooms are so beautiful... and this made me very happy this morning. I also was offered a management position in the nurse assessment office today...really, a dream come true...no more weekends,no more holidays...wish me well,please...I am a really good clinical nurse..but this will be an office job..so I leave it with mixed emotions...I'll miss my patients,but I am awaiting my next adventure...I hope you will await my next blog...


It's gorgeous! You have to keep it. Plus I know you are going to land the cushy office job and then all you will do is sit around in the AC so you'll need it! Kidding aside, I know that having more regular hours and an opportunity to develop administrative skills would be wonderful and I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
Nicole said…
yeah for you!
Kimberly said…
Oh that is gorgeous on you!! The color is soo pretty.
Hydrangeas are my favorite!!!
I wish you luck with your new work adventure, what a great accomplishment.
Anonymous said…
Good luck with the job. The wrap is a lovely colour by the way.
wow. it is gorgeous!!!
i say, keep it! :)

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