Habu...bath puffy

I like Habu textiles.The yarns they produce are full of glorious texture and interesting,unusual fibers.I never thought I would or could knit a sweater with a yarn that looks and feels much like paper,but I am about to embark on this journey... I purchased this textured wrapped silk last Saturday. I was intrigued by the color and fiber...I had planned on making something very different than I did...but along the way this came alive; As I was knitting,the piece felt like a washcloth...so I decided to design a simple bath puffy and I would be honored to share my pattern with you.
Habu Textured Bath Puff
Supplies:1) 2oz skein Habu 1/2.5 tsumugi silk combination
color HA1 item A-111
156 yds/141 meters...enough for two projects
size 10 /6mm knitting needles...straight
Row1 Knit
Row2 *K1,Sl 1,repeat from * to last 2 stitches,K 2
Row 3 Knit
Row 4 K2,*Sl 1,K1; repeat from* to end.
These 4 rows are repeated for the loop pattern
Cast on 26 stitches.Follow pattern until piece measures 13 inches.Knit 1 row then bind off;leaving a tail approx 45 inches.
Weave the yarn along bottom edge of knitted piece,in and out with a gathering stitch.Draw up the yarn tightly,then weave the edges to form a tube.With this same yarn again,gather,by weaving in and out along the top edge of the piece;pull yarn snug.Piece will look like a ball.Now insert the needle still threaded with the yarn into the center opening (it will be a slight opening)and go the whole way to the bottom,catching this opening and close it with a stitch or two.Next draw the needle back to the top thru the same opening.Fold the yarn in half,and starting at edge closest to puff,begin weaving the 2 yarn threads together with a figure 8.I know this may sound confusing,but it is quite simple,draw needles up center and over one thread,back up and over the other,like a figure 8.Continue this up the folded yarn for approx6 inches (I didn't want my hanging loop too long)When you reach the desired length,slip the needle through the edge,draw this woven hanging loop back down into the center and attach at bottom with a couple of stitches.Push remaining yarn inside.
I toyed around the idea of stuffing this with some tulle. I may make another and try it. The finished piece looks almost like a flattish pumpkin...but it makes the nicest bath puffy..I've used mine and am very pleased...I think it would make a great quick gift...you could use any textured yarn...Rowan Cotton Rope would be a good choice,I think...maybe you have something stashed...
I need a manicure...now that I am giving up my stethoscope for a computer I may treat myself...this one may last longer than 3 days...and my yarns won't snag...
Enjoy the pattern...if you have questions let me know...


You realize, of course, that you are now a "designer" - yay! What a great pattern and yarn choice. I know using this washcloth will bring you lots of enjoyment. PS - I never have a manicure because fear of viruses (sp) but I totally love the Lippmann Collection of polishes as it's very nice quality for an at home manicure.
Anonymous said…
I love this pattern! What a great idea. You're right, it would make a perfect quick gift.

P.S. I got here from your link on Whip Up.
xxk4r3nxx said…
aw. i love that bath puff! and the colors are bueatiful too! keep up the good work!
Anonymous said…
A Habu bath puffy...how decadent! Thanks for the pattern!
Mary Lou said…
Maybe the pattern would be good for using leftover/unused yarn..thanks for sharing it.

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