Road Trip

Spring is here in full force.We have been experiencing the most beautiful days,the most beautiful blooms.This force has rejuvenated body and soul. I am still working on the cabled shrug MAY -both fronts and back are completed-so I hope to have a completed photo in the next few weeks. My niece will be home for Mother's Day-I hope to give it to her then.. The warm weather always leads to a road trip-this one was to YARNS UNLIMITED... I had to go...yes-I HAD to go-I had an order to pick was only a pair of leather slipper bottoms-ordered before the UGLY slippers,now defunct,were I HAD,yes,had to get a Habu kit-I have been wanting to try one and I'll let you know how it turns out... I have a good feeling it will be better than the slippers. I made some rice pudding tonite-my daughters favorite-I won't leave the recipe unless someone wants it,but I will leave you a link to a biscotti recipe to die for. When we go to the city on Saturday mornings,we always stop in at Enricos,and you can find the recipe here. You won't be disappointed!


Nicole said…
your blog gets better and better! i want some rice pudding!

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