I worked long shifts over the weekend and really did not want to get up early-like 5am, again...but A.J. had a procedure scheduled and he need a driver..since I'm his other half ,I was elected.I brought my camera along in hopes of catching a beautiful sun rise-and of course my knitting:
I did't get a sunrise shot,but my knitting did get me some conversation while I waited:
People seem drawn to watching and asking questions-I really don't mind-however,the pattern is twisted cables and bobbles-not really a mindless take along-so I only got a few rows completed,but did make a couple of new friends...
A.J. was no worse for the wear when he was done ,and like a true MAN began promptly asking for REAL food-me,I would have been out of commission for at least a week after anesthesia,but we were home by 8:30am-just in time for a manly breakfast and a nap to recuperate,while I prepared the next feast:
this and
this and:
this made this:
and he ATE it all! (the yellowish glob is a garlic clove-he loves them)
Go figure!


Nicole said…
garlic...go figure! glad he's good!

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