I have a wonderful friend at work.Her birthday gifts are usually over the top.Last September she gave me a gift certificate for a massage...and I am just getting around to using it..I know..I know..but truly I am busy..I know..I know...I should relax more... My back and neck feel wonderful now,but let's just say the massage did a number on my delicate balance.I've had massages before,in fact this same friend gave me a gift certificate for one a couple of years you think she's trying to tell me something?? I've never had a problem before...but I have heard of people who become physically ill must release some toxins of a sort in your body,anyway...I am now in that category.. the salad afterwards was wonderful...the photo doesn't quite capture it...field greens,walnuts,gorgonzola and a delicate blueberry vinaigrette... and deep dish yum These are reverse-bloom flower washcloths from one of my favorite knitting books weekend knitting by Melanie Falick...I made them last summer,and have a few left...they make a wonderful gift with some added scented soap...I knit them at the graduation ceremony of my son's husband thought it was tacky-knitting at a graduation...I found it relaxing..better than a massage...well,almost...


Martha Hughes said…
I've had that problem with massages, feeling like I came down with something afterwards. Eventually, I quit having them.

I was told that drinking lots of water to flush your system afterwards helps to prevents this.

Maybe one day, I'll give it a try to see if it works.

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