Easter 2008

This is my gram..I miss her...she will be gone 5 years this May-she passed 1 week before my first grandaughter was born. Eastertime always makes me think of her..she was the most wonderful cook-my grandparents both came from northern Italy-so you can imagine the tastiest dishes that I have had the pleasure to consume-I learned all I know about cooking from her-I hope that I am half the cook she was...one of our favorite easter treats was Ricotta Pie-she made the best,and we couldn't wait to eat this traditional dessert every year-it is typically made with a top and bottom crust-but lately I have been making it without-less calories-so you can enjoy another piece if you want!- I'd like to share my recipe and hope you will try it sometime on your Easter Sunday:

Ricotta Cheesecake

*3# ricotta cheese(whole or skim milk type)

*1 1/2 cups sugar

*8 eggs

* 1 tsp vanilla extract and ground cinnamon

Combine cheese,sugar,eggs and vanilla with an electric mixer and beat until smooth. Pour batter into a buttered 13 x 9 x2 " baking pan. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Bake @ 300 F. for 1 hour-cool -eat- enjoy- really good served with fresh raspberries!My gram was the person who thaught me to knit-I was about 11-she taught the neighbor kids-boys too -that summer-I've never looked back...I love her...you would have too.


Nicole said…
i miss her too...**tear drop**
every time girlgirl's b-day rolls around i think about her! and ya know i hear her say "you shutta uppa, and justa do whata i say" i also dream about one more pizza fritta and some homemade chiggadales ( did i spell that right??)

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