Saturday, March 15, 2008


2008_0315tdoeswool0002 Originally uploaded by T Does Wool
Well,as you can see I have been having some fun making crayons rolls-they were sooo much fun-and won't the girls be surprised on Easter to see these in their baskets?
I made 3-fabrics are the same,but different-like the girls!
The color is the great shade of blue-green-I've seen it called lagoon,ocean-whatever-I LOVE IT-even my glasses are this color!
I found the tutorial here -but some things I did:
* I used medium ric-rac
* 1/4 in. wide ribbon
* I splurged on the jumbo washable crayolas-moms everywhere will be grateful!
Now-some fun for me-the other roll-ups are mine-they are sewing roll-ups made from wool and old muted fabrics-and I love these-these particular ones were from kits from a great designer of primitive type folk art -Maggie Bonanomi-I've taken a couple classes from her in Wisconsin at a great shop called the Country Sampler..visit them--make yourself one-maybe I'll do a tutorial...


joshua said...

I feel super by saying that this is realy one of the very best blogs I've ever visited yet!

Congrats! Take it like a blossom blessing as I'm bloging around!


happymamaof3 said...

the girls will be so very thrilled to see what grammie has crafted for them! thumbs up on the new set up