day 2

Well it's day 2 and I haven't scratched anything off the list yet. what I did was:
  • Look around on Flickr
  • get the mail and find this package from historicallydestash's shop on Etsy
  • these are antique knitting needles from England
  • make my favorite breakfast drink:
  • the recipe is simple- a 4oz carton of lowfat vanilla yogurt,1 banana cut up,fill the empty yogurt cup with skim milk,a splash of honey,3 or 4 ice cubes and a few almonds-whole or slivered.Sometimes I add a few raspberries or strawberries-fresh or frozen-put in blender-frappe-pour-drink-ahhh...
  • talk on the phone
  • mess are with the blog settings
  • and take this picture of my poppies waiting to bloom
It's early-I have plenty of time for the list....


Nicole said…
good pics and drink is YUM-O!!!!!!honey, my FAV!!!!!!

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