Frickin' Cold

Okay,Am I a bad mamma or what-my grown son just left (after visiting for exactly 3 minutes-a long time for a 27 yr old) and I practically slammed the door in his face while he said goodbye-It is THAT FRICKIN' COLD!! The air blew in and I thought I need a coat on or something-makes me wish I had made that SUSS hot H2o bottle cover after all! I don't want to be cold in the winter-I want to be cold in the summer! I am a big complainer when it comes to the weather-my husband even warms my car before I get in-yes-I am that delicate!Some say I am spoiled rotten and I say so what-I deserve it -and by the way my son left with a dish of his favorite Tuna Noodle Casserole (he called it tuna noodle castle) and various other goodies that he could scarf up in 3 should knit him a scarf


vision_of_magic said…
Good Stuff! Your http is missing the second / in your link from buyhandmade. You should fix that.

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